Scholarly Papers

Dr. Fedoryka’s paper in the Summer 2016 American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly: “Finis superabundant operis”: Refining an Ancient Cause for Explaining the Conjugal Act

Abstract: Dietrich von Hildebrand denominated the generation of new human life as the “superabundant end” of the spousal act not to deny but to refine the scholastic view that the child is the “end of the act,” simply. The act at the source of human generation is not straightforwardly generative; rather, its generativity is metaphysically grounded in it as a concrete act of union between the spouses. There are thus in some sense two finalities structuring the act, with a specific order between them: union and the fruitfulness following superabundantly from it. In this essay I bring to evidence the framework underlying von Hildebrand’s position by examining love as the forma of the spousal act and the significance of sexuality as an embodied act. I will conclude with some thoughts on how the concept of superabundance accommodates certain truths about the spousal act more readily than does the simple notion of finality.


Dr. Fedoryka’s paper  “Metaphysics of the Person: Love as Foundation and Fulfillment” in “The Many Facets of Love: Philosophical Explorations”, ed. Thomas Jay Oord (Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2006)

Dr. Fedoryka’s paper  A Metaphysics of Love and Embodiment: Abortion as the Retroactive Destruction of the Spousal Act published in Life and Learning XVII: The Proceedings of The Sixteenth University Faculty for Life Conference (2007)

Outline of a paper of Dr. Fedoryka  “Against Homosexual Acts: Proposal for a Metaphysics of Complimentarity and Embodiment”